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BLANK STARE “Blank Stare” 12”

BLANK STARE  “Blank Stare”  12”
BLANK STARE “Blank Stare” 12” 35zł / 9,00 EUR (2nd press, black vinyl) (REFUSE) Boston Straight Edge Hardcore strikes back, and after 3 7" releases on labels like Third Party and Refuse, they are finally bringing a 12" format to the world with more songs of rage and fury that put this band to higher-level of intensity. "Fuck your life" is an opening song and the rest of the them will keep you awake and makes you think twice about your own existence and world around you. No sweet tunes, no catchy riffs and no friendly words. Nine Brand new songs of the powerful, raging and pissed off hardcore. With a LAST RIGHTS cover at the end to make a final statement. Current and ex-members of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and SOCIAL CIRCKLE if anyone cares. Impressive killer 12" out of this Boston band, so be warned - it will blow up your stereo. Members of BLANK STARE went to form or joins such bands like NO TOLERANCE, BOSTON STRANGLER, PEACEBREAKERS, CONFINES, GREEN BERET, PERMACULTURE.

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