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CATHARSIS "Light from a dead star I." DLP (ltd. red)

CATHARSIS \"Light from a dead star I.\" DLP  (ltd. red)
CATHARSIS "Light from a dead star I." DLP 30,00 EUR / 120zł (ltd. red vinyls, alt. cover) (REFUSE+CRIMETHINC.) Two decades ago, before the music industry began to colonize it, the do-it-yourself underground was a space of exodus and experimentation, often in violent opposition to the rest of the world. This was the context in which Catharsis appeared, one of a new wave of bands to meld metal drama with the raw urgency of hardcore punk. They quickly distinguished themselves by an almost self-destructive intensity and uncompromising anticapitalist ethic. Inverting Christian iconography to champion the struggle of the individual against a hostile cosmos, they took up the centuries-old banner No Gods, No Masters, extending this project of total defiance into their increasingly tumultuous lives. This apocalyptic orientation in turn informed their music, as they sought to hit upon the magic combination of words, harmonies, and rhythms that could spark a global conflagration. Catharsis broke up in 2002, following relentless touring on three continents and a final catastrophic five months in Europe. After a decade of watching the old records sell for absurd prices while bootleggers profited off substandard editions, we’ve finally taken it upon ourselves to offer a proper collection of their work. “Light from a Dead Star I.,” includes their debut 7”, and "Samsara" LP, packaged in a gatefold cover with oversize booklets offering all the original artwork. This is a co-release between CRIMETHINC. (USA) and REFUSE RECORDS (Europe).
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