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GO! "What we build together" EP (black)

GO! \"What we build together\" EP  (black)
GO! "What we build together" 15zł / 4,00 EUR (1st press, black vinyl) (REFUSE+GO!+STRESS TO DEATH) Musically, you can expect GO!-style hardcore (of course) with some interesting twists and turns. Lyrically, we touch on a variety of topics. The title of the EP is taken from the song "Room Enough on this world" which about seeing people beyond an us-vs.-them mentality. "Too Religious" is about those assholes we all know who think god shines out their butts and feel the need to condemn others with their self-righteous bullshit. "Polar Bears are Drowning" is like duh - but it brings up the impact we're making on the planet - and the record lists some resources people can support to help offset what we're doing. Some other stuff, and for fun there's "Du Sagst" and "Atah Omer Sheh'", which are versions of GO!'s 1990's classic "You Say You'll"... but in German and Hebrew, respectively.
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