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DOUBLE VISION "Cold comfort" EP

DOUBLE VISION \"Cold comfort\" EP
DOUBLE VISION "Cold comfort" 8zł / 2,00 euro (black vinyl) (REFUSE + ELEPHANT SKIN) Warsaw Hardcore! DOUBLE VISION kicked off in 2010 and has already become one of the most interesting and promising bands in the local scene. Members were or are active in bands like BURST IN, HARD TO BREATHE, THE ANTHEM or DEADLIFT. The new team definitely brought in a fresh breeze onto the scene. Without further ado, the band recorded their first EP a couple of months later which is now released as a 7". This release will definitely suit fans of old-school positive-minded hardcore. In DOUBLE VISION you can find traced of the classic youth crew hardcore from the 1980s known from the music of Youth Of Today, 7 Seconds, Unit Pride and Wide Awake as well as inspirations from more contemporary bands such as Champion, Stay Gold or Mindset. Solid and energetic hardcore with great potential – here comes DOUBLE VISION!

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