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COKE BUST "Degradation" EP (red vinyl)

COKE BUST "Degradation" 15zł / 4,00 EUR / $5 (3rd press, red vinyl, red print labels) (REFUSE) Washington DC Straight Edge outfit - COKE BUST and their brand new 7" on Refuse Records! Following their two 7"s and full length LP on Six Weeks Records. This 6 songs are mind blowing full-throttle raging non-stop hardcore assault influenced by masters from Infest, Heresy, Ripcord and Youth Of Today that will leave you on your knees begging for more. Everyday bullshit going on personal and political level fueled the fire in a lyrical content. Recorded by Kevin at Developing Nations Studios and mastered by Smok (Post Regiment fame) in As One studio.

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