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NO VIOLENCE "Invencivel" MCD

NO VIOLENCE \"Invencivel\" MCD
NO VIOLENCE "Invencivel" MCD 1,00 EUR / 5zł (REFUSE) Fast political hardcore from Sao Paolo, Brazil. They started in 1989 and they're still kicking ass band after years. Along the PERSONAL CHOICE they were first Brazilian bands into sXe thing, but at the same time dedicated to DIY and political hardcore/punk ethics. Strong, fast thrashy hardcore with old school hc elements - that's how they sounding after years, taking no compromises! You can easily put them to the same league with others Brazilian fast hardcore bands like Discarga or I Shot Cyrus. If you can imagine Heresy and Larm crossed with South American fast hardcore tradition, and longtime commitment of the band, that's No Violence. 17 songs included cover of the late 80's UK band Intense Degree. In a good tradition of Brazilian HC - No Violence mixing music and politics, and they lyrics focused on such issues like indigenous resistance, US imperial wars, social injustice and worker's rights or slavery to corporate capitalism. After split 7" on Sound Pollution, two split 7"s/mcds (with X-Acto and Abuso Sonoro), full length CD and couple of demos, here's the brand new release. CD contains 16 pgs. booklet with the lyrics and english translations. South American version released on Cospe Fogo Gravacoes.

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