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PURE "No one proper way" CD

PURE \"No one proper way\" CD
PURE "No one proper way" 7,00 EUR / 25 PLN (REFUSE) Alongside with this release, Refuse Records started to be more serious thing. After some years of running small tape label and distribution/mailorder service, booking shows etc we managed to release first record release. In the mid 90's straight edge scene in Poland started being more close minded, extremist and conservative. Big wave of hardline bands, zines, and individuals show up (probably as much any other European scene!) and lot's of X'ed kids with their moralist, purist views on abortion, homosexuality or moral issues. At the same great diversity started and lots of ridiculous inner conflicts as well. Anyway there was still few straight edge bands, zines and individuals keepin' old spirit alive. One of them were definitely Pure. This guys were pretty much against the stream and always very outspoken. Their music is pretty much based on the 90's new school hardcore era, anyway taking some good influences from their favourites bands - Chokehold and Spawn. Their lyrics were social/political with some personal issues, promoting drug-free lifestyle and strongly anti-religious. After demo tape on Youth Culture Records, shows around Poland, they split up soon after their full length CD was released.
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