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REGRES "Punk Rock Pozytyw" CS

REGRES \"Punk Rock Pozytyw\" CS
REGRES "Punk Rock Pozytyw" 2,00 EUR / 8zł (REFUSE) In the late 90's Hardcore scene in Poland have been completely dominated by Tough Guy and Metal Mosh sounding bands. There was almost anything else left until bands like Second Age put back some old school hardcore spirit and good message to the scene. Some months later some other bands started like Regres or Only Way Out with the similar vision on Hardcore. After hard working years Regres became one of the most important bands in Poland and they have enough guts to overcome any scene divisions and makes their music attractive for different crowds of the Hardcore/Punk circles. They were always claiming that straight edge and hardcore shouldn't be separate from other Punk and HC fractions. Their music is fast positive old school sounding hardcore with some Polish 80's and early 90's HC sounding influences, and it's make them original sounding band in the ocean of worldwide old school HC bands. Message is equally important taking some personal, scene related and social issues.
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