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AGATHA "Goatness" LP

AGATHA \"Goatness\" LP
AGATHA "Goatness" 10,00 EUR / 40zł (Basement City+Wallace) Eight heavy and doomy songs, a mix of sludge, noise, doom, punk masterfully performed by two italian girlpower heroines, together in an unique two people combo: just one distorted bass and powerful drums. Formed in 2003 as a trio, they toured all over Europe and decided then to continue in two, pushing their sound in a heavier direction, with growl voices, screams and big bass chords, creating a sound that will make you headbang for sure! All this comes out with a incredibly beautiful shaped watercolor artwork, painted by acclaimed italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda and photo shots by ELena Buscemi. Coproduction with Wallace Records. 500 copies available. Black vynil.
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