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AFTERBIRTH "Your god's vomit in disgust" LP /red/

AFTERBIRTH \"Your god\'s vomit in disgust\" LP  /red/
AFTERBIRTH "Your god's vomit in disgust" (red vinyl) 10,00 EUR / 40zł (Insane Society+Scream+Sadness Of Noiuse+...) "D-beat crustcore comes from Edinburgh after split 7"EP and demos finally release debut album which contains eight songs of raw crust inspirated by dark hardcore and old UK stenchcore school. "Your God's Vomit In Disgust" was reliesed as a 12" LP as an international cooperation between Inasane Society Rec from Czech, Sadness Of Noise Rec from Ireland, Scream Rec from Poland and Crust Crusade from Scotland.. Ex members of Sawn Off, Beergut 100, Social Insecurity, Juliette etc. "
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