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BLACK SS "Animals" cass.

BLACK SS \"Animals\" cass.
BLACK SS "Animals" 5,00 EUR / 20zł (Bleeding Edges) Hailing from parts unknown, Black SS (aka: Black Sheep Squadron) is a long running straight edge hardcore punk band. Started way back in 2004, this is their first release since 2008. Though they haven't been as active, due to location and general adulthood, they still occasionally play. Comparisons to bands like Slapshot, Kill Your Idols and Life's Blood are not far off for the uninitiated. They had previously done releases on such notable labels as Reaper, Third Party, Organized Crime and others. This release is to coincide with their appearance at Oneota Punk Fest. These song are fast, raw and to the point; proving there are still things to be angry about in your 30's. Limited to 250 copies on pro duplicated teal cassettes, screened shells and printed covers. (5 songs)

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