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OUTSKIRTS "Outskirts" demo CS

OUTSKIRTS \"Outskirts\" demo CS
OUTSKIRTS "Outskirts" 7,00 EUR / 28zł (diy) Outskirts is a new hardcore band featuring members of Brain Slug, Fatal Erection (best band name ever?), Death First, and Zombie Dogs. The band is keeping the aggressive and intense nature of the New York Hardcore spirit alive with their six track demo released in March. Tracks like “You Assholes” and “Imposter” put frontwoman Jessy’s passionately hostile vocals on display, while the track “Drown Out” highlights the band’s groovier punk sound. The hardcore scene has been viewed as a boys club for quite some time, but bands like Outskirts, Firewalker, G.L.O.S.S, and Leather Daddy are proving that the female voice can be powerful in this genre, and just as pissed off as its male counterparts. And this is certainly a good day to celebrate powerful ladies! - John Honan
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