"FIFTH ESTATE" Fall 2013

\"FIFTH ESTATE\" Fall 2013
"FIFTH ESTATE" Fall 2013 (48pgsB5) 12zł / 3,00 EUR The Fall 2013 Fifth Estate with its theme of MAD in all its variations is out. We also have reports on the travels of anarchists to Palestine and North Korea, John Zerzan on Number, Leslie James Pickering on the feds doing Mail Surveillance on him, David Rovics on not being welcome in New Zealand, Jason Rodgers weighs in with 16 Theses on Cell Phones, Alex Knight on Patriarchal Terror & the Creation of Capitalism, Franklin Lopez on Making Anarchist Films, and that's just for starters. Essays on the issue theme of MAD go from Bruce E. Levine's Psychiatry’s Oppression of Young Anarchists, to I Was Corrupted by Mad Magazine by Bernard Marszalek, Penelope Rosemont on Madness and Surrealism, The Reasonable Madness of Revolt by Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Madness, Rebellion, and Community Gardens by Kelly Pflug-Back, and more. AND, The Anarcho-Crossword Puzzle to test your knowledge of the history and culture of anarchism.
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