"FLEX! #4" 2x book set

\"FLEX! #4\" 2x book set
"FLEX! #4" 2x book set 69,00 EUR / 275zł (Flex) New volume of his FLEX! discography! This time 2 books (A-M and M-Z). The new FLEX Discography is a set of two large-sized books. An expanded, completely rewritten new edition. It contains 10,000 reviews of punk, powerpop and hardcore records recorded in the US and Canada between 1975 and 1985. 1358 pages. The coverage is extensive, including the well known punk/hardcore/powerpop records as well as thousands of obscure releases, some of which have never been documented before. Cover pics are included as well, also for alternative versions, bootlegs etc. Additional information on pressings, colored vinyl, bootlegs, reissues, alternate versions, test pressings, also band connections, band location, track listing etc. 60-page Ramones section! The most comprehensive Ramones discography ever published, including official releases and bootlegs. Also extensive documentations of Misfits, Septic Death, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys releases and many, many more. No more reviews in German, all in English
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