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NO MISTAKE "Connect the dots... complete the puzzle" demo cd-r

NO MISTAKE \"Connect the dots... complete the puzzle\" demo cd-r
NO MISTAKE "Connect the dots... complete the puzzle" 12zł / 3,00 EUR / $4 (diy) Led by guitarist Mike Bromberg, better known to the world as Mike Bullshit, No Mistake is a celebration of hardcore in its purest sense-thirteen songs in fourteen minutes, people! However, it is far more than brevity that matters here-these songs have hooks, heart, and are avoid any influences outside of true hardcore. Harking back to the days when Negative Approach, SSD (starkly appropriate with No Mistake’s ferocious adaptation of “Boiling Point”) , or SOA reared back and hurled themselves at the listener with exhilarating abandon, every furious second on Connect the Dots…Complete the Puzzle is a ripping jolt of infectious energy. To that end, No Mistake offers a variety of lyrical topics, from the comedic “Unibrower”, to the environmentally conscious, viscerally crushing thirty-second “Expiration Date”, or “We Stole Hawaii”, the historically accurate tale of American imperialistic abuse of the late ninetieth century. In short, this is as close to perfection as you are gonna get, my friends, so find this immediately. (Jersey Beat)
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