SACRED DENIAL "North of the order" LP

SACRED DENIAL \"North of the order\" LP
SACRED DENIAL "North of the order" 48zł / 12,00 EUR (NM / VG+) (Forefront) Sacred Denial were another one of the bands around for the heyday of NJ punk/hardcore. In their time as a band, they put out 4 albums, and then a 5th one of early material would come out after they called it quits. All their records were on the Forefront Records label, which was either run by a band member, or the band’s manager/friend. For some reason, Sacred Denial never got a whole lot of attention. Over the course of time the band would evolve from straight up hardcore to include a bit of metal and melodic punk as well over the later releases, and they pulled it off quite well. This is their LP from 1987.
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