HEADFIRST "Back in control" EP

HEADFIRST \"Back in control\" EP
HEADFIRST "Back in control" 8,00 EUR / 32zł (clear vinyl, 1989) (Workshed) O.C.H.C.S.E. band Headfirst was as far as I'm concerned one of the best, and this 7" is an absolute essential gem in the genre. They took the best elements of the second wave west coast hardcore sound (think Haywire), and added more metal, more muscle, and more roar, sort of the same way Judge did on the east coast. It's a big, burly record...the best kind. It was released on Dan O'Mahony's record label if that means anything to you (should), and the members of the band ended up in Smile, Downer, 411, Farside, Chicano Christ, Triggerman, God Forgot, and the like...
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