H.H.H. "Intellectual punks" EP (OG press, splatter vinyl)

H.H.H. \"Intellectual punks\" EP  (OG press, splatter vinyl)
H.H.H. "Intellectual punks" 15,00 EUR / 60zł (OG press, new cover print, splatter vinyl) (Dissonance) RARE original 1st press on Dissonance Records, 1986, rarely seen ultra ltd edition on splatter vinyl. Unplayed copy in mint conditions! A masterpiece of 80s fast rapid Hardcore, one of the best Spanish HC records ever released. H.H.H. stands for Harina de Huesos Humanos, these maniacs have been active from 1984 to the early 90s delivering the fastest and most energetic Hardcore you can think of. This is their debut EP and includes 9 tracks of raging uncompromised HC for fans of Lärm, early D.R.I. and so on. Simply CLASSIC!! Note: this comes from a recently unearthed deadstock from the label, the vinyl is original, the foldout cover is an identical repro.
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