LANDVERRAAD "No love for a nation" EP

LANDVERRAAD \"No love for a nation\" EP
LANDVERRAAD "No love for a nation" 3,50 EUR / 14zł (Emancypunx+Mosh Potatoes+Rope Or Guilottine+...) Debut 7" from this band from Amsterdam, Holland incl. former and current members of BETERCORE, GRINDING HALT, HYSTERIA, TYRANNICIDE, SANDCREEK MASSACRE, SLOTH and DAMAGE REPAIR. "No love for a nation" 7" contains six songs of angry and fast HC in the tradition of "Nedertrash" and with a good old "Punk is Resistance" spirit. This bands shows no love for national flags or borders, attacking murderous politics of Fortress Europe but shows their appreciation forequality and peace, funny outfits on stage and playing new version of Project X cover - this time as "Immigrant revenge".

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