ANTI-CORPOS "Contra ataque" EP (ltd. white)

ANTI-CORPOS \"Contra ataque\" EP (ltd. white)
ANTI-CORPOS "Contra ataque" 5,00 EUR / 20zł (ltd. white vinyl) (Emancypunx+No Gods No Masters+Drink And Be Merry+...) ANTI-CORPOS - This intriguing name showed up as graffiti at subway stations from Sao Paulo to Berlin. After a couple of weeks of investigation, it was clear that it belonged to a new, rad all-female band from Brazil. Their music, message and attitude is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the annihilation of bigotry, inequality, machismo and homophobia. Influenced by the local girl-punk scene and bands like KAOS KLITORIANO and BULIMIA, as well as a long tradition of raging Brazilian HC/thrash, they're releasing their debut 7" with seven aggressive tunes.

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