KAMI ADA/INFESTO "Rebelion... " LP (black)

KAMI ADA/INFESTO \"Rebelion... \" LP (black)
KAMI ADA/INFESTO "Rebelion! Subversion! Resistencia!" LP PRE-ORDER 10,00 EUR / 40zł (black vinyl) Kami Ada is an Anarko-Hardcore punk, female fronted band based in Berlin. Lyrics are in spanish and are about indigenous resistance, Anti-mining resistance, against borders and Frontex, against racism, against homophobia and transphobia, mass-media disinformation. Infesto is a hardcore-punk band from Medellin,Colombia,that recorded their first demo in 1991. That LP contained 9 songs from that period, that were re-recorded in 2008 and also 3 songs recorded live in Finland in 2013. The split central topic is the resistance against mining multinational corporations and the devastation of the global south, eviction and repression of communities which is supported by Free trade agreements done with governments of the global north. This is a co-release between 11 international DIY labels. http://kamiadapunk.wordpress.com/ https://soundcloud.com/infesto

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