BRIGHT LIGHT "Break It Out" 7"EP (Clear)

BRIGHT LIGHT \"Break It Out\" 7\"EP (Clear)
BRIGHT LIGHT "Break It Out" 7"EP 5,50 EUR / 22zł (Clear) (Youth 2 Youth) These folks went under the radar for some time, though now, they’re fully back in the game. Bright Light strikes again with 5 new songs on a 7” that will make you 2-step in your bedroom when no one’s looking. Did you dig In My Eyes? Focus on the Light True Colors makes you stoked every time you put it on? Dudes and dudettes, you won’t be disappointed with Bright Light. Silesian boys prove it one more time - PLHC is something not to be ashamed of. Check out the 2 upcoming songs from “Break it out” EP.

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