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NEW WINDS "A Spirit Filled Revolution" LP+Book (red vinyl)

NEW WINDS \"A Spirit Filled Revolution\" LP+Book  (red vinyl)
NEW WINDS "A Spirit Filled Revolution" LP+BOOK (red vinyl) 10,00 EUR / 40zł (REFUSE) This is one of the most important release on Refuse Records. New, 3rd full length album of this great Political Vegan Straight Edge band from Portugal. Passionate, radical, intelligent, impressive music and message keepin' politicalXedge still alive. Their music is based on great sounding melodic old style hardcore with lots of varietys with lots of different elements and influences to make it interesting and unpredicted. Their message is strongly focused on political and social issues, from veganism and animal liberation to social struggles, political prisonersand worldwide cultures of resistance. For New Winds, Hardcore is definitely more than music and this release proved that: as it contains cd with the 170-page book with all the lyrics of the band, explanations, writings of political prisoners, articles, poems, contributions about politics, injustice, culture of resistance, animal liberation and other important issues. One-time pressing of 500 copies.

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