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ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW "Emo'la" 2LP (limited orange vinyl)

ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW \"Emo\'la\"  2LP  (limited orange vinyl)
ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW "Emo'la" 2LP (limited orange vinyl) 75zł / 19,00e / $25 (REFUSE+EMANCYPUNX) Limited vinyl reissue of the album originally released as a CD and Cassette in 1999. It was the best selling release on Refuse Records so far but it's also one of the most important release of the '90s Hardcore Punk scene in Poland. They were known from their original structure of the songs unique, well writen lyrics, who became as much important for hc punk crowd in Poland as lyrics of legendary '80s bands like Dezerter or Abaddon. Intelligent socially and politically aware lyrics were filed with lots of empathy and personal perspective. Songs like "Skazani na sny" ("Sentenced to dreams"), "Jak" ("How"), "Panta rhei" as well as all the other songs on the album proved that for the band Hardcore equals Punk but also the emotions carried by the music are authentic and match up to the intensity and expressiveness and they can be well combined with traditional hardcore punk. The song "Każdy inny wszyscy równi" ("All different all equal") has become the anti-fascist anthem of the generation and has always been one of the highlights during the Zlodzieje Rowerow shows. Vinyl reissue of "Emo'la" is coming out a Double LP in a nice looking gatefold. It contains 16 songs, incl. Kto UKRADL CIASTKA cover (it was raging Hc/Punk band from suburbs of Warsaw from early 90, their tape was Refuse Records release number 001) and also bonus track, originally released on "New Day Rising" comp. CD on Boisleve Records in France. Remastered by Smok (Post Regiment, P.E.S.D.) in As One Studio. It's limited one-time pressing of 520 copies available on orange and black vinyls.

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