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SPES EREPTA "Minutova terapie" CD

SPES EREPTA \"Minutova terapie\" CD
SPES EREPTA "Minutova terapie" 1,00 EUR / 4zł (REFUSE) Political Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore Punk from Praha, Czech Republic. Throughout the years members of the bands were active in several bands like BALACLAVA, DREAD 101, EXEKUCE and X-WING and SPES EREPTA is a result coming out of them and become outlet to their wide musical interests and individuality. Their sound is perhaps more closer to the bands like Victims or From Ashes Rise than to any typical sXe hardcore band, and this is reflects their statement, DIY hardcore punk spirit, and not following the trends and cliché – as who said that views like straight edge or veganism have to be related with certain sounds. You can go wrong with songs like “Distort Praha”! Lyrically, Spes Erepta is outspoken politically band who cares about important issues from veganism and animal rights, to politics, anarchism, with strongly anti-fascist stance. Members of the bands are active in several collectives and organisations and their lyrics reflects their commitment and dedication.. Their first full length CD contains new songs as well as the songs previously released on debut 7” and compilations. It contains also spoken word “Abolitionism and anarchy in the protections of animals” by Michal Kolesar from Realita.Tv organisation. “Minutova Terapie” is a co-release w/ Mates Prokop Rec. (Czech Republic)

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