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LETS GROW "Disease Of Modern Times" CD

LETS GROW \"Disease Of Modern Times\" CD
LETS GROW "Disease Of Modern Times" 1,00 EUR / 4zł (REFUSE+BRAND NEW PLACE+HA-KO BASTARDS) #040 After some years of activity and two 7"s released on US labels like 625 and Know Records, this band from Belgrade, Serbia managed to release their full length album. This is no bullshit, high-energy, great sounding hardcore, taking the best elements of fast US 80's hardcore with good examples of european hardcore without any re-hash and not being stucked in the past. This how real hardcore should sound in 2006, with very good sound, fast tempos but also good amount of diversities in their songs, to keep them kicking through all the 14 songs on the recordings. Yet, this band have definitely lots of attitudes and important things to say. CD version released in ccopeartion with Ha-Ko Bastards (Serbia) and Brand New Place (Croatia).

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