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NO PROBLEM "Already dead" LP

NO PROBLEM \"Already dead\" LP
NO PROBLEM "Already dead" 11,00 EUR / 44zł (Taken By Surprise) This second full-length from Canada’s No Problem is an absolute Hardcore-Punk scorcher. With two great 7"s in 2010-2011 and one LP, this album showcases a band at ease with their ‘sound’ - blending Hardcore and Punk with plenty of big riffs and melodies, not unlike FUCKED UP’s pre Matador days, or think REGULATIONS had a blind date with VICIOUS CYCLE. Consistent with their earlier recordings, "And now this" is essentially a Hardcore record with melodic sensibilities similar to the ADOLESCENTS and the OBSERVERS. Featuring Graeme from the WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES and recorded by Jonah Falco from FUCKED UP. Hardcore-punk at it's BEST!!!

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