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INSPIRE "Demo 1998" EP (ltd. red)

INSPIRE \"Demo 1998\" EP  (ltd. red)
INSPIRE "Demo 1998" 7"EP PRE-ORDER 5,00 EUR / 20zł (ltd. red vinyl, alt. cover) (REFUSE+TRUE SPIRIT) INSPIRE is a Sao Paulo Straight Edge Hardcore band active between 1998-2001. The band was formed by members of the most important edge bands in Brazil of the 90's: PERSONAL CHOICE, SELF CONVICTION and POINT OF NO RETURN. In later years they formed bands like I SHOT CYRUS, B.U.S.H., BANDANOS and O INIMIGO. Inspire managed to release only one demo in 1998, which featured four songs of high-energy, powerful youth-crew influenced hardcore. One of the songs went on to appear as part of an international compilation "More Than The X On Our Hands" (2000, Commitment Records). Inspire were the first straight-edge band from South America to tour Europe. In 2009 Inspire returned to the stage and now perform more frequently. It is a perfect time to remind everyone of the output of this band. This Inspire 7" contains four songs from their excellent 1998 demo. This is a co-release between Refuse Records and True Spirit Records (Brazil).

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