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FANZUI XIANGFA "2006-2014 Discography" LP

FANZUI XIANGFA \"2006-2014 Discography\" LP
FANZUI XIANGFA "2006-2014 Discography" 11,00 EUR / 45zł (Genjing) Coming at ya fast & heavy from Beijing, China (via Wuhan, Umea, Bonn, wherever else): FANZUI XIANGFA. First of all: you have to respect the grind (literally) of a band whose eight-year discography spins from start to finish in 35 minutes. That’s a lot of months per one-minute track. Recommended for fans of: late ‘80s American hardcore, very fast tempos, RIGHTEOUS FURY. Multinational corporations, racism, nuclear proliferation, the state apparatus, fitting in… these guys hate it all!

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