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B-ABUSE "[Tens]65" cass.

B-ABUSE \"[Tens]65\" cass.
B-ABUSE "[Tens]65" 2,00 EUR / 8zł (Hombre Lobo) I dare say that there are not enough bands like B-ABUSE kicking around anymore. It seems like when I see current bands trying to channel powerful emotion in terms of modern hardcore, the result is more akin to nihilistic and/or abstract black metal or something equally foreign. Their sound is simultaneously chaotic and comforting - when they unleash it is an impassioned desperation that drives them, but the majority of [tens]65 is calculated and deliberate. "Menschzerstörung" is hopelessly engrossing - making an audio soundtrack to the Apollo 13 mission is an endeavor beyond daunting, but the result is mesmerizing and well worth the entire cassette. You can write this off as screamo if you like, but it would be your loss...these Germans personify so much about why the mid '90s will be viewed fondly by historians once we have some distance from the schlock that dominates people's memories. Apocalyptic and introspective while carrying a faint beacon of hope. Hope for our both community and for the Greater Society are both in short supply, and I welcome a return to a frustrated determination. (Terminal Escape)
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