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DYING "Broken" CS

DYING \"Broken\"  CS
DYING "Broken" CS 5,00 EUR / 20zł (Hydrogen Man) Dying formed in Philadelphia in the winter of 2011. Over the course of three years and three releases, a handful of short tours and canceled shows, traumatic van repair crises and a few lineup changes, they have slowly transformed into a completely different animal than their early configuration. The band has become rawer and more aggressive over time, pulling more directly from hardcore staples from the early 2000’s like Cursed and Converge. Their newest recordings find them toeing the line between memorable hardcore songwriting and unhinged anxiety wracked noise. This new EP represents another leap forward both in production value, and in depth of songwriting and execution. Four songs showcasing an impatient, anxiety ravaged band with nothing positive to contribute to your life. This is bleak and unwelcoming metallic hardcore. FFO Cursed, Catharsis, Converge. Engineered by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage and mastered by Carl Saff.
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