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ONCE I CRY "Good times are now" EP

ONCE I CRY \"Good times are now\" EP
ONCE I CRY "Good times are now" 5,00 EUR / 20zł (Positive & Focused+Jan Piet Joris En Cornell) Debut EP by Once I Cry, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Featuring former members of Crivits, GuidingLine, X-MEN, North, Shelter, Cornered, Second Chance, Phlebotomized, Downslide and Striving Higher. Once I Cry started as a band of friends who wanted to do a small surprise appearance at the now legendary Deanfest, performing a handfull of Crivits songs, the band Dennis and Marc used to play in. They decided to continue as a band to carry the legacy of Rotterdam Hardcore and the bands that influenced them over the last 25 years. "You could never kill, what never dies!" FFO: Uniform Choice, Unity, The Killing Flame, Gorilla Biscuits, Turning Point, Insted, Speak 714, Youth Of Today, Judge, Alone In A Crowd, Cro-Mags, No For An Answer, Sick Of It All

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