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LOSST "5 Track Demo" EP

LOSST \"5 Track Demo\" EP
LOSST "5 Track Demo" 6,00 EUR / 25zł (G-Lord) Busting straight out of the heart of mainland-Malaysia, from the small city of Mentakab to be more precise, comes this ‘face-stomping hardcore’ pack. Recently Losst unleashed their first demo and although it takes some balls to call your music ‘face-stomping hardcore’ from the get-go, the five tracks on this tape definitely leave you battered, bruised and with a black eye or two behind! A total ripper from start to finish! Out for total destruction, Losst’s demo storms out of your speakers like an Asian tsunami. With over half of the tracks barely ticking over a minute, none of them even reach the two-minute mark! Fast, loud and (stomping) in-your-face, the first run of this cassette sold out in the blink of an eye... But don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet, because a second run is out now and highly recommended for those that like to bust-a-move! - American-Oi
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