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EPIDEMICS "Walking up the dead" LP

EPIDEMICS \"Walking up the dead\" LP
EPIDEMICS "Walking up the dead" 5,00 EUR / 20zł (Thrashbastard+Ny Vag) Waking up the dead, the debut of Epidemics, was recorded in January 2008 at Tonteknik Studios (where among others Refused recorded their "The shape of punk to come" album) and produced by Inge Johansson from The (international) Noise Conspiracy. All tracks on "Waking up the dead" are just like the name of the band - contagious! Once they hit you they will take over your mind, your heart and your body. Every chorus will write itself into the core of your brain and there''s just nothing to do but to surrender. Let yourself be seduced by this record in the same way that the members of Epidemics were that day when punk changed their lives. Every song on "Waking up the dead" is performed with as much delight as desperation and honesty. The opening track "No good advice" will both lyrically and musically remind you of The Sex Pistols, "Wake up and scream" is explosive hardcore, and "Never grow up" is a brilliant Billy Idol punk rock pop hit. And so it goes on song after song. All catchy, all with a sound of their own that is not retro but relevant here and now! This album is a true story about social change, urban angst, electric shock therapy, zombies, pollution and warfare. This is passionate punk that will fill the dance floor, make your ear drums bleed and leave you wanting more.
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