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OS REPLICANTES "Os Replicantes" EP

OS REPLICANTES \"Os Replicantes\" EP
OS REPLICANTES "Os Replicantes" 10,00 EUR / 40zł (Nada Nada) "REPLICANTES is probably the most famous punk rock (not hardcore) band from Brazil, their three first LPs were release by major labels, but before that in 1984 they recorded a, very rare, self-released 7" on their label, Vortex. On the 7" you can hear much rawer versions of songs that became classics on their first LPs, "Surfista Calhorda" and "O Futuro é Vortex," and two other songs that were never rerecorded. This reissue was remastered from the original tapes and comes with an extra 16-page booklet full of info, flyers, text and photos by Rochelle Costi, a great brazilian artist that made the artwork for the 7"."
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