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NEBENWIRKUNG "Split-LP' 85 + Tapes '87-'90" LP

NEBENWIRKUNG \"Split-LP\' 85 + Tapes \'87-\'90\" LP
NEBENWIRKUNG "Split-LP' 85 + Tapes '87-'90" 12,00 EUR / 48zł (Hoehnie) NEBENWIRKUNG is a saddly too unknown band from Bremen, Northern Germany and was founded in the year 1980. In their early days they played raw and unpolished Hardcore, Punk in the vein of INFERNO, VORKRIEGSJUGEND, VORKRIEGSPHASE, ..., but saddly never got this international attention as the mentioned bands. NEBENWIRKUNG is active again and recently played a lot of live shows, they´re full on charge and their live gigs are way better than in the Eighties. This is some kind of discography, the material of the recently re-released EP´s "Fick Den Papst" and "Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht Mehr" on THREAT FROM THE PAST, Germany are not included. Twenty-four songs from this releases are included: # Split LP with with DIS-ORGANIZED BUNCH OF FUCKERS (1985) # NEBENWIRKUNG tape 1987 # "No More Fun" tape (1989) # one song from 1990 is previously unreleased . Limited edition of 300 copies on Black vinyl, comes in a fold-out cover like the original split LP in the Eighties, but with re-arranged artwork of course.
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