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DISGRACE "The original unreleased 1979 album" CD

DISGRACE \"The original unreleased 1979 album\" CD
DISGRACE "The original unreleased 1979 album" 8,00 EUR / 30zł (Welfare) An amazing unreleased Punk album from New York City 1979 produced by Von Lmo! Disgrace features Steve Wishnia who later later went on to form False Prophets and Iron Prostate and vocalist Butch Lust was later in the Hypocrites. The story on this one is that Disgrace never had an “official” release back then, as they would soon break up after the songs on this disc were recorded. The singer has a nice off kilter snear and at times the tunes are a little out of tune which totally adds to their charm. It totally has that nice warm and fuzzy first wave punk recording feel which totally makes this one a nice Killed By Death score. Disgrace get by on sheer attitude and snottiness, especially on the leadoff song “Not With You” and “Closet Punk.” By 1979 things were starting to grow increasingly artsy-fartsy and watered-down in NYC but these miscreants still forged ahead by recording their spirited snotty punk rock noise even though label options to put this out at the time were pretty hard to come by. So it’s cool that these songs finally see the light of day. If yer keeping up on first wave NYC punk, this is definatley one to check out.
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