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SIGNAL CRIMES „Perfidious albion“ LP

SIGNAL CRIMES „Perfidious albion“ LP
SIGNAL CRIMES „Perfidious albion“ 15,00 EUR / 60zł (Larmattacke) Furious raging UK hardcore punk, featuring 3/4 of HERESY (Kalv, Steve and Baz) along with Welly from VIOLENT ARREST and ARTCORE Fanzine delivering the vocals. If you dig any of their previous projects such as HERESY, RIPCORD, VIOLENT ARREST, ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS, GERIATRIC UNIT, CAN'T DECIDE, DUMBSTRUCK, MEATFLY, PLASMID, FORCE FED, SIXHUNDREDANDSIXTYSIXDEAD, FOUR LETTER WORD, STATE FUNERAL...this will deliver the goods once again!
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