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FLIEHENDE STÜRME „Himmel steht still“ LP

FLIEHENDE STÜRME „Himmel steht still“ LP
FLIEHENDE STÜRME „Himmel steht still“ 12,00 EUR / 48zł (Twisted Chords) Maybe the best and most intense album of Fliehende Stürme. Originally released in 2001 on Hostile Music and sold out on vinyl for years. From the ashes of the German punklegend Chaos Z, Fliehende Stürme created their really own, unique sound with a dark, fatalistic and hopeless atmosphere, great German lyrics and a mixture between punk, dark wave and gothic with the exceptional voice of Andreas Löhr. 10 beautiful melancholic songs, intense melodies, dark vocals and sometimes even synth strings. Everybody who`s with bands like Bauhaus or Joy Division on the one and EA 80 or Chaos Z on the other side, will love Fliehende Stürme. "Himmel steht still" comes around with a heavyweight cover und and textinlay.
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