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PAWNS „Monuments of faith“ EP

PAWNS „Monuments of faith“ EP
PAWNS „Monuments of faith“ 6,00 EUR / 25zł (Inflammable Material) Following up their well-received “Gallows” LP, New York City’s Anarcho-Deathrock hybrid return with three new tracks. Against the landscape drawn up by 80’s-influenced post-punk, Pawns exchange full-on punk rage for a gloomy animosity by exploring dark and desperate melodies. Bass-heavy rhythms and choral guitar tones are topped off by vocalist Gage Allison’s ominous baritone vocals in a rich maelstrom of bleak gothic punk. Title track “Monuments Of Faith” and “Shadows Of Hiroshima” are fast and melodic, whilst “Broken” is a soaring, anthemic, Bauhaus-style slow-burner.
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