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ANNEX „Melu“ 14,00 EUR / 55zł (Inflammable Material) New LP from the Texas/Mexico border. While their last two records were catchy and melodic, this advances with a sterling production, crystal-clear mastering and perfectly sculpted, ambitious tunes that display a massive improvement in depth and variation. The dark deathrock and postpunk influences familiar to fans of Belgrado or Arctic Flowers remain, but add infectious melodies, hypnotic guitars and a danceable backbeat, whilst Nikki's vocals once more deliver the punk brattishness of her roots whilst expanding into unique new territory. Lyrics in Spanish and English UK version on 180g vinyl, comes in heavy 350gsm reverse board sleeve with insert. ✲ Hypnotic, psychedelics that captivate the mind, body and soul. Dreamlike visions are now a reality and all patterns of the dark shadows are within our inner dimensions. Release the energy inside of you and fall into the new light of Melu credits

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