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STEP FORWARD “Demos 1989-1990” LP (ltd. clear)

STEP FORWARD “Demos 1989-1990” LP  (ltd. clear)
STEP FORWARD “Demos 1989-1990” LP 15,00 EUR / 60zł (ltd. clear) (REFUSE) Step Forward. Umeå Hardcore Originals. In 1989 there were no such things as Umeå Hardcore. There was no scene and hardly any punk bands. A bunch of friends got together under the moniker of Step Forward to play fast and wild Hardcore. This is the first proper Straight Edge band of Sweden - started a couple of years after some members of legendary Svart Parad brought it to Scandinavia. They were in many ways the origins of the scene that in the 90’s exploded with bands like Refused, Abhinanda, The Doughnuts, Final Exit and Umeå Hardcore became a thing outside of Sweden. In their short lifespan between 89-91 they recorded two demos, put on numerous shows and did a fanzine called Umeå Hardcore Zine. For the first time ever the 2 demos are being released on vinyl. Remastered and with liner notes from Dennis Lyxzen and a bunch of unseen photos. The band was only around for a fraction of time but they had a huge impact on the small world surrounding them and Dennis of course went on to form REFUSED right after the break up. Members of STEP FORWARD were also involved in bands like FINAL EXIT, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, E.T.A., REGULATIONS, AC4 or INVSN in the next three decades! If you are into fast Hardcore done by a bunch of alienated teens from the north of Sweden you need to check out this record.

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