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WARCOLLAPSE „The final end..." CD

WARCOLLAPSE „The final end...\" CD
WARCOLLAPSE „The final end – 15 years of misery and despair“ 8,00 EUR / 32zł (Criminal Attack) 22 song, stotaling over 1 hour from the gods of the Swedish Crust WARCOLLAPSE! With its brutal and political crust, "The Final End-15 Years Of Misery And Despair", is a part of the band's discography containing the materials of the band's first 15 years of existence, which began in 1991 (over 20 years of existence) with its antifascist and animal freedom fight positioning. "The Final End ..." contains sounds from seven band-released materials, the classic "Crust A Fuck Existence" 10 "/ MCD, plus the indoctri-Nation" 7 "," Wandering In Darkness "7", "Crap, Scrap And Unforgivable Slaughter" 7 ", the split's with Extinction Of Mankind and Disrupt, as well as unpublished and collected sounds. These include versions for Beginning of the End (Amebix), In Darkness .... (Antisect) and The Blood Runs Red (Discharge). Insert with all lyrics and discography information.
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