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ACTIVES „Deactivated“ LP

ACTIVES „Deactivated“ LP
ACTIVES „Deactivated“ 18,00 EUR / 72zł (Puke N Vomit) Another solid 'must have' release in Puke n Vomit Records ongoing series of releases focusing on classic 80s Punk and Hardcore from around the globe. PNV comes at you with a true banger this time out. You have the third archival release from pioneering Scottish Punk band The Actives.This LP collects rare and unreleased studio recordings from 1982. Some of these recordings were previously available on the long out of print limited edition 2003 UK LP 'Recativated'. This time around with the bands input PNV brings you the album the way the band originally envisioned 'Reactivated' it with the tracks they wanted. Deactivated features many unreleased and previously unavailable tracks from various 1982 recording sessions available for the first time on vinyl. Must have early 80s Scottish punk for fans of The Skeptix, Blitz, Exploited, Anti-Pasti, Old School Punkers and The Partisans

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