„GERMINATE“ #3 (20pgsA5) 3,00 EUR / 12zł Chris Chacon who was behind the legendary BCT- a San Diego- based tape label started in the 80s that helped to distribute international fast hardcore to punks everywhere. This interview was originally intended for the ill-fated 3rd issue of Chula Vista- based zine, Apart. Thanks to those dudes for letting it live here. Ken Ramsey who is putting together a book documenting worldwide hardcore/ thrash from 1998 to 2005 (think bands like WHN?, DS-13, Total Fury, etc). Ebro Virumbrales of current heavy hitters Dog Flashback and Affront, and legendary bands like Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, MK Ultra, and PITF Plus DROPDEAD, MOONKISSER, CLOROX DREAM, PLANET ON A CHAIN, and RIVAL SQUAD

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