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NYLEX „Plastic for people“ LP

NYLEX „Plastic for people“ LP
NYLEX „Plastic for people“ 20,00 EUR / 90zł (Nopatience) With members spread across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, the debut LP from Nylex – ‘Plastic for People’ has been a labour of love for the group, but one well worth the wait! Presented here are 9 tracks of pop driven post-punk with an emphasis on dance-ability and high energy throughout the mix. With the drums at time sounding almost programmed in their steady beat, the bass and vocals carry the melody, with stabbing reverberant guitar lines throughout. Not unlike the tight twang of mid-west US classics Pylon, or Australia’s own Pel Mel - NYLEX have been quietly carving out their place in the Australian underground, playing infrequent yet treasured performances to those fortunate enough to catch them. Featuring members of HYDROMEDUSA, RULE OF THIRDS, and WIREHEADS.
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