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SIKSA „Poskromienie złośnicy“ CS

SIKSA „Poskromienie złośnicy“ CS
SIKSA „Poskromienie złośnicy“ 8,00 EUR / 35zł (Korobushka) This sessions contains only evil and inadequate content. It’s not “perfect” album, its not for our not either your pleasure. It’s a form of dialogue between SIKSA and artists who create her. Terrified by this creation, she tries to entrap SIKSA in liberal, bourgeois and normcore fears. It is a record of deliberate failure, self-mutilation and everything to be ashamed of. The story based on William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," from which we only left violence and the final defeat. And all this is situated on the monotonous, basement sound of black metal-punk demo that you would like to forget forever. We know that not many of you will get over it, but maybe some of you remember this material from the live shows, so we want to leave it this universe. It’s important in SIKSA’s herstory coz she doesn't know what “shame” is.
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