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V/A „The Vikings Are Coming…“ LP

V/A „The Vikings Are Coming…“ LP
V/A „The Vikings Are Coming…“ 18,00 EUR / 80zł (Radiation) Swedish Punk began in the Late Seventies and by the Mid Eighties, the small steel mill town of Fagersta had seven bands immortalized on the rare compilation "The Vikings Are Coming ...", which is surprisingly very diverse: you can listen from Old School Punk Rock influenced by old UK bands, raw DISCHARGE styled Hardcore, melodic Speedcore, harsh Thrashcore to unique Power Punk. "The Vikings Are Coming ..." is not the typical raw D-Beat, Hardcore compilation most people would expect but nevertheless this piece of vinyl is an important musical document of Eighties Hardcore made in Sweden. Featured bands: CRUDE S.S. (three songs) BIZARR (three songs), FEAR OF WAR (three songs) CRUEL MANIAX (three songs), RESCUES IN FUTURE (five songs), UGLY SQUAW (two songs), BEDRÖVLERZ (three songs). Originally this compilation was released in the year 1985 on the swedish label UPROAR RECORDS. Official re-issue, limited edition on Black vinyl that is housed in a standard LP pocket cover plus double sided lyric / info sheet.
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