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HYÖKKÄYS "Antigobierno" EP

HYÖKKÄYS \"Antigobierno\" EP
HYÖKKÄYS "Antigobierno" 7.50 EUR / 35zł (Discos Enfermos+Crust As Fuck+DDT+…) Hidden jewel of Basque punk from Bilbao? Suomi Hardcore dark legend? Little or nothing is known about this fleeting Hardcore band that brought the crudest of the Scandinavian sounds of the 80s mixed with the radical Iberian hardcore of bands like HHH to Bilbao; city that saw them born and die. His live shows full of chaos, distortion and speed left more than one without understanding very well what was happening. Like putting Kaaos and Cadgers in a cage with HHH that only one could get out alive. 11 songs of pure rage on random color vinyl, includes poster with photo collage and postcard. Artwork by the hand of the bassist of the band Pototo.
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