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„RAZORCAKE“ #128 6.00 EUR / 25zł
James Spooner interview by Daryl and Todd, Robert Lopez (El Vez, The Zeros) interview by David Ensminge, Sasha LaPointe interview by Ryan Nichols, Body Farm interview by Daniel Makago, Cancer Christ interview by Brandon Oleksy Donna Ramone presents us with One (Specific) Punk’s Guide to Buying a House (That’s a Condo).Jim Ruland walks with Keith Morris through Hermosa Beach: “It might as well be Florida.” Lorde Jayne’s a sucker for a lost soul. Sean Carswell instills healthy practices to mitigate clinical depression. Rev. Nørb huffs the rubber cement off a Teen Idles original press. Puro Pinche Poetry y Cuentos (Edited by Ever Velasquez and RoQue Torres Poem by Richard Carranza Young Designated Dale unexpectedly eats a bunch of turtles… and discovers cilantro. Art Fuentes draws a tyrant with blood in his boots, and a lapdog. Rhythm Chicken invents the elevator tour!Bianca gives herself a creative pep talk. And photos from the lovely and talented: Chris Boarts Larson Mari Tamura Albert Licano This issue is dedicated to the memory of Chris Bailey